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Who are we
Our Vision

Our goal is to continue to develop and grow as a significant IT service provider in order to become a market leader in offering high-quality Web and Mobile Development solutions in the competitive worldwide marketplace. We always assist our customers in achieving their goals. We have the capacity to accelerate and quickly share your organization's or business's exceptional work or products.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make life easier for many people, by building platforms and products that matter. In an era where there is a multitude of technologies and opportunities, we seek to simplify software development from dream to reality.

Our Story

Our story is simple. It began with a team of energetic individuals with  a common dream. That is to serve people worldwide with smart solutions. Our team of intellectuals have been serving clients around the globe individually. And we bought it all together under one umbrella and named it the infamous AppnexIT.


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We provide mobile app development for Android and iOS mobile platforms. These include Design, Development and App store submission. Mitigate going through all the hassle involved in store submissions and approval processes. Our development team will assess the requirements in a timely manner to suggest you with the most suitable tech stack to make your product a success.

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The Web is your internet interface. We create stunning web applications to make your life easy. With a wider range of tech stacks out there we give you the opportunity to pick your most favorite. Don’t have a favorite tech stack? You don't have to worry we have it all covered for you. We will analyze and recommend the best stack for your needs. Whether it’s an informational, ecommerce, portfolio or any dream you wish to achieve we at AppnexIT can make it happen since web development is a core service that we provide.

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An application is not an application if it’s full of bug’s. AppnexIT always includes tools and methods to ensure its products are up to the expected standards. The products and services we provide are thoroughly tested by Quality Assurance Engineers, Certified tools and by   Automated test trials.

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We will bring your favorite design into your products. With modern UI/UX design, your product will always be ahead of the game. It's a natural tendency of users to use applications that are simpler and yet beautiful  that which serves it’s expected purpose as well. Because of this user interface and user experience is given significant detail at AppnexIT.

Our Analytic Software Solutions aim to make available specific information at your fingertips as and when needed so that our clients with this business intelligence, can always be on top of their game with precise decision making.

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Software                                Development   

We at APPNEX IT provide a wide range of Application Software Development services especially in Enterprise Application Development ,Commercial, Manufacturing, and Travel Industry etc.

How it works


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"Play Store / App store We have had nothing but a great experience working with the team APPNEX IT for all our app Development and IT work. It was also extremely easy to communicate and get necessary feedback throughout all our projects with the team."

Abdulelah Almutari 

CEO - 7 Days

( Saudi Arabia ) 

The APPNEX IT team really helped me out with building my Android and iOS app. Perfect delivery with great communication, flexibility, fast response and quality was ensured always which i really appreciate.I defintely recommend this will be the start of our long-term work together. 

Mohamed Elshaby

CEO - Scope Inc

( Russia ) 

Most of our IT and all our app projects are conducted with team APPNEX IT. I had the pleasure to work directly with APPNEX IT team who were extremely dedicated to the task and handled everything brilliantly. 

Steffen Moritz

Pro.Dr- Universitatsklinikum Hambrug - Eppendorf (Germany ) 

The developers at Appnex IT has done great work for our team, so much so that we think of them as part of our business. They have shown a strong understanding of both backend and front end engineering and continues to impress us as we build together.

Jason Tissera

Co-Founder at  Upmarket  

( U.S.A )  

Their solution saves a significant amount of money for our company while giving superior service to our clients.
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Deenath Kesara

CEO - Pencil Cut Advertising 

(Sri Lanka) 

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